Sunday, 18 March 2012


Cloudy sunday morning,I call a friend Yin Kwong for a warming up at Dulang-Dulang Island.By 08.00am. We cross up the sea to the island which is just a close to Sandakan Town land by using a boat service of a fisherman at kg Air.A teens minute away we reach the island and jump down our hooked time is just starting...
cargoship,commond view of this area

ah Kwong with his catch

smile with his second catch

fuhhh!..another one

this is mine

commonly jewfish

almost 3,6kg


Cloudy weather is helping us during the fishing time not to tired and burned..we end the session by 01.00 pm
when our bait is use out.That`s all for this week..and we`ll meet at the next trip...

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