Monday, 29 October 2012


Date                                        : 27-28 october 2012
Location                                  : Kretam Sulu Sea
Transport                                : BAHRI MANCING ship
Cost                                       : RM144 /  person
With 11 anglers involved in this trip, from JORAN JUARA ANGLER and BELURAN TEAM combined
once more in an overnight trip at Kretam Sulu Sea with BAHRI MANCING service from Kg Batu Putih Sandakan.
my Spanish Mackerel
the anglers from Joran Juara Angler and Beluran Team

BAHRI MANCING pose with grouper

GT and Spanish Mackerel

Jhon,BAHRI MANCING,and Andi Max

This  my catch

one of the Beluran Team catch, 43kg

Jhon with his 9kg mackerel

Our TEKONG getting smile

With Jhon`s mackerel..

These all our catches in this trip

the Malaysian NAVY patroling in this area

my catch,almost 30kg

Yellowback Fusiller (caesio xanthonata)@sulit kuning

En.Cosmack (our trip Organizer) with his catch,almost 27kg
Feeling enjoy in this trip and good catches of each angler.And for those who interesting of a trip like this could contack this shipman to get a trip service.

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